Freedom; Sovereignty; Independence

The most serious issue to emerge off the back of the Coronavirus pandemic is how our country deals with China. No one seems willing to address this.

Like it or not, the World ended up in that mess because the Chinese Communist Party dealt with Coronavirus like a political problem. They threw western journalists out of the country, ramped up their propaganda machine, and hid their real problems away so the World never could see.

Unfortunately for New Zealand, we have become so dependent on Chinese Communist Party-linked money that no political leader will ever stand up to China. The main parties are heavily funded by foreign influences, or they have signed agreements that they won’t depart from.

The once courageous political leaders of the past have disappeared. The current ones are quiet, hiding behind fear of a backlash from China. In the last year, I have been the only MP to properly vote for a ban on foreign donations. I’ve seen up close the damage it does.

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