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Advance NZ welcomes New Zealanders that support this new political party to contest the General Election in 2020 to join.

If you agree with what Advance NZ stands for, please join.


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Advance NZ stands for

  • Freedom, sovereignty, and an independent New Zealand

  • A fairer political system focussed on solutions for Kiwis, not just politicians

  • Creating an innovating economic plan to lead through the challenging post-Coronavirus World

  • Boosting investment in infrastructure projects to create jobs and better prosperity

  • Reforming social sector policies to deliver fairer outcomes

  • Re-balancing foreign policy towards traditional partners like Australia, the US, and the UK


How to join Advance NZ

To ensure Advance NZ complies with the requirements of the Electoral Commission, please follow these brief instructions:

  1. Fill out this membership form with your name, residential street address and electorate. Do not provide a PO Box.

  2. Where you are asked to sign the form, please only "draw" your signature by using your mouse or finger, as if you were signing on paper. Do not sign by choosing a pre-written signature.

  3. When you complete the form, you will be taken to a payment page. Please provide billing information requested and pay a membership fee.


If you would prefer to make a payment by online bank transfer, please make a transfer to the Advance NZ bank account using your name as a reference: 12-3174-0354769-00.

Please contact with any questions.

Complete the Advance NZ membership form by clicking here.