Member Policy Ideas

As a member of Advance NZ, your ideas and interests in policy are important. Member's ideas will be considered during our policy formulation process prior to us releasing policies ahead of the election.


Here is Advance NZ's high-level vision statement. Our policies will be developed in line the following:


Advance New Zealand wants a fairer New Zealand with a political system that is focussed on solutions for Kiwis, not politicians.

We believe in a New Zealand that stands up for our nation's freedom and sovereignty, forging ahead as an independent country delivering high-quality public services, investing in infrastructure to create jobs and better prosperity for citizens, and providing solutions for our economic, social and environmental well-being.


Advance NZ stands for:

  • Freedom, sovereignty, and an independent New Zealand

  • A fairer political system focussed on solutions for Kiwis, not just politicians

  • Creating an innovative economic plan to lead through the challenging post-Coronavirus World

  • Boosting investment in infrastructure projects to create jobs and better prosperity

  • Reforming social sector policies to deliver fairer outcomes

  • Re-balancing foreign policy towards traditional partners like Australia, the US, and the UK


Please submit your Advance NZ policy ideas in the form below: