Democracy Policy

Our democracy is precious and must be protected for future generations. As a nation we once took great pride in our independence.

Over the past few decades New Zealand has moved away from our traditional international partners. As the large political parties have become more reliant on fundraising from foreign sources, our democracy has been eroded. We have opened ourselves up to significant risks of foreign interference that the two big party blocs are unwilling to do anything about.

Advance NZ’s democracy policy seeks to implement significant electoral reforms to protect our democracy, reduce our foreign security risks, and provide greater transparency around electoral funding. We will increase citizen participation in democratic outcomes, and give the people back the right to veto law changes where Parliament gets it wrong.

Advance NZ will also implement constitutional reform. A constitutional Royal Commission will be established to propose an entrenched written constitution that politicians can not bypass. Any new constitution would be put to voters to adopt or reject in a referendum. New Zealanders will also be given a fresh opportunity to decide whether they want to keep MMP.

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