• Finance Policy

    Posted by · September 04, 2020 6:30 PM

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    New Zealand is hurting. The extreme COVID Response has destroyed much of our economy and put us years behind. Massive debt levels bring fear, and the threats of austerity or more asset sales hangs over us. 

    There is no easy way out of this if we continue to keep clause 26 G of the Public Finance Act — the clause that says the government has to balance its books. This is the one used by Labour to justify new and larger taxation, and by National to justify asset sales. 

    The rest of the world stopped balancing their books in 2008. The USA issues 20% of its GDP every year as quantitative easing — the money given directly to the banking and investment classes. The United Kingdom and Canada are running at 9%. 

    New Zealand has done the same — breaking the rules to issue huge amounts of money to the area that needs it the least: the banking system. 

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  • 5G Policy

    Posted by · September 01, 2020 10:11 AM

    We support the use of modern technology that is safe for human use. We note that the NZ Standards that apply to human exposure to radio frequency fields is based on evidence from the mid-1990s. 

    There has not been an independent safety study undertaken which accurately reflects modern cellular communications usages. 

    We will ensure a Parliamentary Select Committee inquiry is held to examine the available evidence, seek independent advice, as well as community views, on safe levels for human exposure to radio frequency fields.

  • Position On Abortion

    Posted by · August 22, 2020 1:00 AM

    We respect the variety of views New Zealanders hold about issues of conscience.

    Billy Te Kahika is opposed to the Abortion Legislation Act, and Jami-Lee Ross voted in favour of the Act. However, both believe that Parliament made a mistake in the way the law was enacted.

    Advance NZ's party position is as follows:

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  • Fluoride Position

    Posted by · August 08, 2020 7:36 PM

    We note the range of views on the use of fluoride. We oppose the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill currently before Parliament and, instead, will ensure that any decision by a local authority to fluoridate a water supply must only be given effect to if supported by a binding referendum of votes in that local authority's area.

    We will further require that every local authority that currently fluoridates it's water supply holds a binding referendum at the 2022 council elections on whether to continue fluoridating its water supply.

  • Animal Welfare Policy

    Posted by · August 02, 2020 10:26 AM

    New Zealand claims world-class animal welfare standards, even officially recognising animals as sentient beings in 2015. That means animals are perceptually aware with individual needs, desires, and experiences giving rise to inherent interests.

    But what does that mean for animals in NZ five years on?

    Our country benefits economically from an international public perception that our animals are all happy and healthy whether pets, farmed or wild and that we stopped experimenting on them, neglecting them or treating them inhumanely after 2015. The reality is far from the perception and these and other hypocrisies of animal welfare need to be challenged.

    We do not believe New Zealand has adequate systems in place to protect either those animals on which the economy is dependent, or those that are targeted or harmed through its wild animal control programs. New Zealand rests on its ‘world class animal welfare reputation’ without making the corresponding effort to ensure necessary change in support of these claims.

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