Our Philosophy

Advance NZ is a registered political party with four component parties:

  • NZ Public Party
  • Reset NZ Party
  • Direct Democracy NZ
  • NZ Peoples Party

Each component party brings to the alliance a foundation of philosophies and ideals. These five parties have come together to seek election as a united alliance of parties. Combined party policy can be found on this website where each party still maintains the right to distinguish themselves. You can read more about these parties on our ABOUT page.

Founding principles for the component parties can be found here:

Advance NZ stands for:

  • Freedom, sovereignty, and an independent New Zealand
  • A fairer political system focussed on solutions for Kiwis, not just politicians
  • Creating an innovative economic plan to lead through the challenging post-Coronavirus World
  • Boosting investment in infrastructure projects to create jobs and better prosperity
  • Reforming social sector policies to deliver fairer outcomes
  • Re-balancing foreign policy towards traditional partners like Australia, the US, and the UK

Advance New Zealand wants a fairer New Zealand with a political system that is focused on solutions for Kiwis, not politicians.

We believe in a New Zealand that stands up for our nation's freedom and sovereignty, forging ahead as an independent country delivering high-quality public services, investing in infrastructure to create jobs and better prosperity for citizens, and providing solutions for our economic, social and environmental well-being.