Position On Abortion

We respect the variety of views New Zealanders hold about issues of conscience.

Billy Te Kahika is opposed to the Abortion Legislation Act, and Jami-Lee Ross voted in favour of the Act. However, both believe that Parliament made a mistake in the way the law was enacted.

Advance NZ's party position is as follows:

Advance NZ believes Parliament should hold a referendum on the Abortion Legislation Act 2020 as it has done with other issues. We will give effect to our policy of holding a referendum on the Abortion Legislation Act by preparing and passing a repeal bill that would restore the issue of abortion to the previous legislative position. 

This repeal law will only come in to force after a binding referendum of New Zealanders, which will be held within 12 months of the 2020 Election. Advance NZ will ensure that an informative education campaign is implemented so that New Zealanders will understand the reality of the current law in an accurate and factual way.

Advance NZ will review the current adoption laws in New Zealand so that better and more efficient and compassionate processes are in place for mothers who may wish to adopt their baby to suitable parents.

If New Zealanders vote to support the repeal bill, the law will return to how it was prior to the Abortion Legislation Act coming into force. This approach is consistent with our policy on democracy and is about giving people the right to be heard.