Angela Moncur

Bay of Plenty

Angela Moncur

Born in NZ to Dutch immigrant parents, Angela was raised in Auckland and now lives in Tauranga with her partner. She is a mother of three adult sons, who grew up freely in the great outdoors, playing sports & doing motocross, and is now an Oma to three grandsons.

“I am passionate about improving mental health and well-being because we deserve a human right to be mentally free and be the amazing creators we are.”

Having gained a business qualification, Angela has extensive management experience. She has worked as a company director in heavy engineering and materials handling for over ten years and has been employed in a range of management, logistics, admin, finance, sales and marketing roles in Australia and NZ.

Angela is standing for Advance NZ to:

  • Reclaim our Sovereignty and stand in our truth
  • Build a better stable future for our children and future generations
  • Uphold freedom and democracy

Enjoying the outdoor life, Angela is passionate about the environment and believes it is our basic human right to clean water, air and soil for healthy survival as nature intends. She is concerned that the justice system is not working as it should, that an insidiously oppressive culture has taken a hold, which needs to cease to allow the development of new values of fairness and justice for all.