Anil Sharma

Mt Roskill

Anil Sharma

Anil was born and raised in Kurukshetra, India, the site where the Bhagavad Gita was spoken by Lord Krishna. He belongs to a family of teachers and comes from humble beginnings. Married, with grown up children, Anil moved to New Zealand for the sake of their higher education where he and his wife eventually moved back into teaching. He holds Masters degrees in the Arts and in Education and has three decades of experience in the education sector.

“I have a strong desire to make multicultural New Zealand a place all can proudly call home. I firmly believe that the only political party that is truly set out to do that is Advance NZ.”

Due to his experience with the struggles immigrants in New Zealand are faced with, Amil has paid particular attention to New Zealand's immigration policies and the evident disconnect between the government and its people. To better voice the concerns of immigrants, Anil, helped to found the New Zealand People’s Party in 2017. The party stood for equal opportunities, better healthcare and safer communities.

Recently, Anil has found common ground in Advance NZ when, through Billy Te Kahika, he became aware of recent government policy changes. He identified Advance NZ as a party worthy of support and formed a collaboration in an attempt to address his concerns for New Zealand and its people.

Anil’s interests include:

  • Poetry - An avid poet, he has also published a book of poetry.
  • Social work, including volunteering as the secretary of the Bharatiya Temple in Auckland.

Anil has always had strong political leanings, and takes pride in serving the community honestly and selflessly.