Anne Fitzsimon

West Coast-Tasman

Anne Fitzsimon

Anne is a New Zealander with two adult children, with Irish and Croatian heritage. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) and has previously worked as a production planner/analyst and inventory management.

She is a small business owner and has run a successful dog grooming business from home, being a Certified Master Groomer and one-on-one teacher.

“I could not just sit by and watch the current Government's response to Covid-19 going on. I would not be acting in alignment with my truth if I did not stand up and speak up for the people of New Zealand and their future generations.”

Anne considers the response and lockdowns to be grossly disproportionate to the threat mounted by the virus and this has awakened within her the passion to share this truth with others.

Anne is also concerned about the effect 1080 is having on our natural environment and would like to stop the use of it completely.

She takes a keen interest in regional development in tourism, agriculture and mining.