Antoinette James


Antoinette James

Antoinette and her husband of 30 years have six adult children whom they home-educated through to their entry into tertiary education.

"I believe that education should be primarily for the benefit of the individual, and for their enjoyment of the world around them. Education should fit an individual for work, not to feed them into work."

Having trained in medical microbiology, Antoinette has worked in bacteriology laboratories in England and NZ, and headed a division at the Cancer Research Department of the Auckland Medical School. She has since retrained in teaching, opening and heading a private kindergarten, and now works from home as a writer.

Antoinette’s political stance focuses on family and health and she believes:

  • Families should hold the rights over their way of life and the decisions for their children; government policies should strengthen families rather than weaken them.
  • Achieving health through good nutrition. Removal of toxins from primary and processed foods, and a return to a healthy environment by using traditional building materials, food storage and packaging.
  • Promotion of individual choice between natural and pharmaceutical medicine or a combination of the two - there is no ‘one size fits all’.