Ben Harris

Board Member & Candidate Rep

[email protected]

Ben Harris

Born and raised in Nelson, Ben is married and a father of four children. He is dedicated to ensuring the voice of Nelson residents will be heard. For the last 10 years Ben has worked in disability employment, and has personally experienced some of the worst consequences of unemployment, and felt the beneficial effect of sustainable employment.

“New Zealand and her people are losing their sovereignty to international investments and agendas. I want my kids to grow up in a New Zealand which is as free and beautiful as it was when I was growing up.”

Ben is the manager of a not-for-profit organisation and has worked in supported employment for over eight years in New Zealand and Australia. He has been actively involved in public speaking, lecturing, training and facilitation. He is also a professional supervisor and life coach. He has developed successful seminars on life skills, interview training and job readiness.

Ben’s interests include:

  • Human behaviour in the retail environment, specifically Disability Employment Consultation.
  • A passion for cognitive freedom, democracy and individual sovereignty.

Ben is standing as a candidate for Nelson, as he feels our freedom of thought and speech is being eroded at a blistering pace. Ben speaks frankly and connects best with people that are transparent and seek change, which is why he identifies with Advance NZ as his political party to support.