Billy Te Kahika


Te Tai Tokerau

Billy Te Kahika

Billy is a husband, father of six and grandfather. He has a Maori father and a Pakeha mother - both heritages he is proud of. He was raised in Mangere, South Auckland and now lives on a small farm with his family. He is a committed Christian and has a small ministry in Northland that he looks after with his wife.

Billy's achievements include:

  • Businessman building the Maori community
  • Involved in the economic development of tourism throughout the Pacific
  • International world-class guitar player
  • Soldier in the NZ Army
  • Former member of the Police

Prior to the emergence of Covid-19, Billy expressed no political leanings, however as the outbreak became politicised he felt compelled to speak out against the current government's management and ever-increasing restrictions on the threat to New Zealand's democracy. Billy has become a strong advocate for family, freedom and the future of our children. He aspires to restore accountability in Government and national sovereignty, and true independence for Aotearoa.