Carole Church

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Carole Church

Carole was born in Christchurch and raised in Mairehau. She lives with her partner, twin girls in Mossburn, Southland. She gained a Bachelor of Commerce from the Canterbury of University. Carole moved to Wellington to work as the Financial Controller at the Te Kohanga Reo National Trust and then transitioned to the Ministry of Education School Transport Funding.

“New Zealanders have had enough of politicians pursuing their own personal agendas. What we want is transparent stewardship of this country by honest people who put the country first.”

After becoming a Chartered Accountant and worked for Foodstuffs SI Limited as an Accountant. In the community she has provided financial education and budgeting support to women through Women's Open Home Charity. She is currently on the worship team at Enrich Community Chaplains Trust which supports the disabled in Christchurch. Recently she went on an overseas mission trip to Bangladesh through Open Doors.

Carole’s interests include:

  • Professional dance.
  • Youth leadership and fostering.
  • Writing for a children’s television series.
  • An avid sports supporter.

Carole has been the owner of Paua of the Pacific Limited developing and selling souvenirs in the Christchurch CBD. As her business has been severely affected by recent events she has decided to commit her time into what she calls: “the most important election that this country has ever had.”

She feels very strongly that some of us have to stand up against what is being done to our beautiful homeland while we still have the ability to do so peacefully.