Charlotte Weber


Charlotte Weber

Charlotte was born and raised in Palmerton North, before moving to Whanganui for the rest of her childhood. After a few years living in Kaitaia and Auckland she returned home to Whanganui, where she has raised her family of beautiful daughters.

"I am deeply concerned at the track NZ is heading down, our democracy has been infiltrated, interfered with and craftily redefined. I believe there is a real threat to our NZ way and wish to be part of the solution with Advance NZ."

Charlotte began her working life assisting to run a small business in Auckland. She then went on to study business finishing as a top graduate. Wither her partner, they decided to start a plumbing business in Whanganui seven years ago, starting from the ground up. Today it is is a successful well-established, well known brand with a good reputation and proudly employs four staff.

Charlotte has decided to enter politics and stand for Advance NZ:

  • For her children to have the same Kiwi upbringing and opportunities that she had.  
  • Because of her belief that the government has forgotten they are public servants elected to serve the people, with foreign interference and money having influenced the decisions made in NZ for far too long. This needs to be reviewed, stopped and returned to the people.
  • For her pride and respect in our nation, our culture, our people and our identity.
  • To protect our national and individual sovereignty, including what we identify with as "Kiwi as" and our beautiful lands.

Charlotte is passionate about supporting small to medium businesses who are the power-house of the NZ economy, who provide employment to the majority of New Zealanders and who have suffered greatly at the hands of the NZ governments response to Covid-19. She wants farmers to have a voice, be listened to, consulted and included in working to protect the environment and ensuring it is a practical solution that will not compromise the sustainability and viability of our primary industries. Charlotte has a strong sense of family and wishes to support others to achieve that through education, health promotion, improved mental health services and the protection of medical freedom.