Chris Wetere


Chris Wetere

From a background in youth development, business and international aid, Chris has now stepped into the political arena as the Whangarei candidate for Advance NZ.

“Your choice. Your voice. Our future.”

Chris’ passion for helping Northland youth extends back to 2008 when he began work with Te Ora Hau. In 2012 he added his own visionary ideas to that passion, combined it with his business acumen and co-founded Lion’s Den Ministries, which is still helping youth in Whangarei today. He has also run leadership programmes, worked in restorative justice, and led international humanitarian efforts in the Pacific Islands and Asia.

Another of Chris’ great passions is to see New Zealand become a beacon of freedom and strength. He sees candidacy with Advance NZ as the way to become an ambassador for the values Kiwis believe in. If elected, he looks forward to furthering the party’s education policy and supporting the economic growth of Whangarei from the Beehive.