Claire Deeks

Board Member

Claire Deeks

Claire grew up on a Taranaki farm and is now resident in central Auckland. She is a qualified barrister/solicitor and patent attorney, having practised for over a decade as a corporate lawyer. She owns two small businesses in the natural health sector, and is mother to nine year old Dominic.

Claire is new to the political arena but not new to standing up for what she believes in, especially true wellbeing and lower tox living for families having started the popular food blog "Dom's Kitchen". 

My goal is to inspire mothers and fathers to be change makers, whistle blowers, truth seekers, and fearless disruptors especially in the field of health and wellbeing for our children."

Claire is appalled at the way the current government has ridden roughshod over our rights and freedoms particularly via the egregious Covid-19 Act and related legislation. She is also passionate about medical freedom - the right to choose what we put in our bodies and what goes into our children's bodies.

In respect of the Covid-19 Response Claire advocates for:

  • Ensuring that our Covid-19 Response Policy carries, at its core, a focus on true health and provision for prophylactic regimens, an approach not focussed on reactive medical treatments.
  • Abandoning Labour’s strategy of “lockdowns at any cost”, and avoiding the predicted years of continued rolling lockdowns.
  • Implementing a risk-based approach, where vulnerable citizens are protected and supported, but all others are free to continue daily life.
  • Preservation of personal freedoms and informed consent by opposing measures to limit vaccine choice rights or discrimination against those who exercise such rights.