Daniel Crosa



Daniel Crosa

Daniel is a Tauranga-born citizen. His mother is from Hamilton and his father is from South America. He speaks fluent Spanish and also enjoys learning other languages, including Te Reo.

“I am first and foremost proud to be a Kiwi and a hard working one.”

As a vacuum truck operator, Daniel is passionate about transport; enjoying logistics and dispatching, driving and ops management.

Daniel believes strongly in free speech and in the freedom to choose such interventions as vaccinations. He is opposed to socialist forms of government. His philosophy is transparency at all times and he believes that government should be held accountable for their actions.

Daniel’s interests include:

  • The outdoors, nature, and outdoor sports.
  • Agriculture - as the foundation of this great country.

Belief that the current government policies are destroying our own source of food and economy by blaming global warming and pollution on the farmers. He wishes to look at taking away harsh tax penalties from the very grassroots of this country.