Douglas Allington


Douglas Allington

Doug is married with four children, and five grandchildren. He and his wife Ali have been involved in youth and community work for many years. Doug runs a national youth charity which addresses youth suicide, called 'A Hand of Hope - A Reason to Live'.

“One thing I am committed to is reclaiming, then keeping New Zealand truly ‘free’. To have a Government that serves the people rather than one that dictates to them.”

Through operating a building company for 20 years, training apprentices and tutoring architectural students, Dough has gained experience in project management in the housing and property market, and building and mortgage industries. He is a Registered Financial Advisor (RFA) and understands what is needed to enable every NZ family purchase their own home. He believes his experience will allow him to have a strong and credible input in the Housing and Urban Development portfolio, as well as Energy and Resources Act, and the Resource Management Act.

Doug’s interests include:

  • Sport - participation and umpired cricket at a national level.
  • Community - hunting out a great coffee at one of the local cafes, where he loves to chat to other local residents.
  • Aid work in the Pacific Islands.

Doug spent the early part of his married life living or working in the original Sydenham electorate. He has prior experience in politics, being a member of the Labour Party in his youth. Doug is invigorated to represent Advance NZ as he believes it is time to bring about a positive change in New Zealand, making a difference and leaving a legacy for his children and grandchildren, that they can be proud of.