Faith-Joy Aaron


Faith-Joy Aaron

Faith-Joy lives in Remuera. As a qualified secondary school teacher, she has taught in the South Island and in the Waikato. She has worked for many years alongside the Police, advocating for victims of trauma and crime. Faith-Joy has worked to help prevent child prostitution, pornography and trafficking in New Zealand and overseas.

“I am committed to ensuring the well-being of families and the prioritisation of the vulnerable. I will work to ensure all social sector policies regarding our rights and freedoms are protected.“

Faith-Joy’s political focuses are:

  • Just relations between individuals and society, matched with conservative beliefs and values.
  • Working with small and medium sized businesses, listening to their concerns and helping with solutions, particularly following the Covid-19 lockdown. She understands that these businesses are vital to a thriving economy.
  • Promotion of a range of healthcare options and educating individuals regarding environmental issues that may adversely affect their health.

Faith-Joy is proud to stand for Advance NZ, as a party committed to Government accountability and integrity that seeks to rebuild New Zealand back towards true democracy.