Heather Meri Pennycook



Heather Meri Pennycook

Heather-Meri was raised on an isolated Otago beef and sheep farm, Makarora Station. She recently moved back to the South Island after two and a half years working with the homeless in Auckland, and prior to that seven years managing the office of a large building company in Wanaka. She has lived and worked in the USA, UK and Australia.

“I am deeply concerned about New Zealand’s huge, growing national debt, economic crisis, poverty, homelessness and unemployment. I would like to address these issues with sensible, effective solutions and by reversing industry-crippling legislation passed over the last three years.”

Heather has worked in many industries, including agriculture, horticulture, finance, tourism, hospitality, management systems, export, marketing, DOC, possuming, rousey-ing. A strong faith keeps her focused and positive. She is a JP and has served as a volunteer Fire Chief/First Response, Search & Rescue tracker and Chair of her local Community Board.

Heather’s key objectives for Parliament are:

  • Prioritising land, farming and protection of the environment and ecosystems.
  • Promoting the return of integrity, accountability and transparency to Parliament
  • Opening discussion over Government debt, loans and foreign ownership of NZ land, homes and businesses.
  • Transparency around Agenda 21 and 30 and assist in repealing this process
  • Returning Aotearoa to a Sovereign nation - democratically self-governing without foreign influence and agendas.

Heather-Meri is passionate about being a voice for the agricultural industry and our rural communities and wants to enable them to thrive again, with a focus on economy, health and environment plus roading, infrastructure, communications and business opportunities. She would like to see a safe and healthy future for all.