Jami-Lee Ross

Party Leader

[email protected]

Jamie-Lee Ross

Jami-Lee Ross has been a member of Parliament since 2011, having served under the Key and English Governments. He was Chief Government Whip at the 2017 Election.

Jami-Lee established Advance NZ after leaving the National Party in 2018, following his action to blow the whistle on Chinese Communist Party-linked donations offered to the then leader of the National Party. He has been a crusader for removing foreign interference from New Zealand’s democracy ever since.

In July 2020 Jami-Lee and Billy Te Kahika formed an agreement to bring Advance NZ and the NZ Public Party together. They both enter the election as Co-Leaders of the Party.

Jami-Lee brings political and campaign experience to Advance NZ, as well as an established profile in New Zealand media.

Jami-Lee is a trained pilot, and lives in Auckland with Lucy and their two children, Henry and Charlotte.