Jamie Macgregor

Port Waikato


Jamie MacGregor

Jamie lives in rural North Waikato with his partner, baby and two step-daughters. He enjoys being outdoors - gardening, camping and bush walks. Jamie is an IT professional currently working in the education sector. He has worked for large corporate environments and small businesses.

“I believe that all children should be able to enjoy the carefree environment that I grew up with, but that these freedoms are currently under threat as a nation.”

Jamie’s political focus lies in:

  • Social services - ensuring that seeking assistance is a positive experience every time, rather than a demoralising one, by facilitating a healthy work culture.
  • Freedom of speech - ensuring communication channels remain uncensored, and the removal of outside interference and influences on our country.
  • Animal welfare and rights - Promoting respect of animals whilst working alongside those who have livelihoods dependent on them.
  • Prohibit use of 1080 - exploring alternative ways to manage pest predators.