January 2021 News Roundup

Well, that's a rocky start to 2021. Not unexpected. We'll all be keeping a close eye on the government with the announcements yesterday on the new case of "community transmission".  By the way, is it just us? Or does it not seem that the people who are found to have Covid in the community always seem to be prolific travellers and visitors or various establishments?

Here's our news round up for the last week.

  • W.H.O. updates its recommended testing criteria for "cases".
  • Joe Biden signs the USA back up to the W.H.O.
  • NSW Premier seeks further mandates.
  • Our Prime Minister declares 2021 “the year of the vaccine”. 
  • The Government announces a glossy marketing campaign to get to those that don't want to take the vaccine.
  • Covid Response Minister casually admits that we can expect no jab, no fly restrictions on international travel.

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Last week the W.H.O. updated its recommended testing criteria for "cases":

This allows labs the ability to adjust PCR cycle thresholds. It also commented that medical professionals must take into account a positive PCR alongside such things as clinical observations (symptoms), timing, epidemiological information etc. This will inevitably lead to lower numbers testing positive and then fewer people being attributed as "covid deaths". Voices For Freedom blog about it here.

Joe Biden signs USA back up to WHO:

The observant amongst you will note the above announcement came on the same day that Joe Biden signed the USA back up to the W.H.O. (along with a renewed commitment from the US to support both financially and with personnel) and at a time when vaccines are pushed harder than ever and Biden calls for more widespread mask wearing mandates. Check it out here.

Australian News:

The NSW Premier announced that opportunities to travel and access certain venues might be "enhanced" by those who choose to be vaccinated. Article here. How soon until this nonsense reaches our shores?

New Zealand Updates:

Speaking of which, our Prime Minister's first public remarks for the year are to declare 2021 “the year of the vaccine” whilst stating that the Government’s goal is "getting Covid to the point where it will be managed like the common seasonal flu". So looks like that's a "no" on that "elimination" strategy then?

On top of that the government announced a glossy marketing campaign - replete with celebrities - to change the minds of those against taking the Covid vaccines. Will it work on you?!

And then we have the Covid Response Minister Hipkins casually admitting that we can expect no jab, no fly restrictions on international travel "I think it is likely that once vaccines are broadly publicly available around the world, that it will start to become an international standard. In order to travel internationally, you'll need to be vaccinated against Covid-19."That has a degree of inevitability around it." 

On this note, Voices For Freedom has just released a "Say No To No Jab, No Fly & More" petition - you can sign it here. 

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