Jennie Brown

East Coast

Jen Brown

Jen was born and raised in Gisborne, where she now raises her own family. She is a wife and mother of two children. Jen spent most of her twenties living and working abroad, with three of those years teaching in China. She returned to NZ in 2010 where she completed her Bachelor of Education. She is currently employed as a kindergarten teacher in Gisborne.

“I joined Advanced NZ, because I am concerned about where our country is heading and how this will impact on our future, particularly our children’s future.”

Jen is standing for Advance NZ because she believes in:

  • Democracy - all citizens should have a voice when decisions are being made in their "best interest"
  • Transparency - independent research should be conducted when corporate or foreign interest could influence the outcome
  • Protecting individual sovereignty and body autonomy

With her background in education, Jen believes she has a professional responsibility to advocate for children and has come to the realisation that she cannot make real change unless she has a seat in parliament. She is passionate about learning support and special education, safe technologies and health education, all of which affect our children's lives and the future of NZ.