Kathryn Flay


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Kathryn Flay

Kathryn is New Zealand-born, business owner, wife, mother of four and registered nurse with many post-graduate specialties. Raised in the former Rodney District area, Orewa has been her home and workplace for more than 15 years; although at times, she has lived and worked across New Zealand, and for short periods, abroad.

As a business owner, she has worked with integrity in leadership and management, and with the use of those qualities, she believes every individual in the Whangaparaoa Electorate can prosper economically while our beloved Country also thrives as an independent nation.

Kathryn has contributed extensively to a large number of Advance NZ’s policies – and her primary focus in on Heath, Education, Economics and Decentralization issues.

“The time is NOW for us to come together in unity — as a sovereign nation of free people — to protect our beautiful country, our way of life, and our people.”

As a Registered Nurse with a strong desire to see individuals reach their fullest potential in life, for many years she has pushed the mandate for more local control over the health and education sectors, and believes we should allow all professional practitioners (not only allopathic) the power and support to use their knowledge, training, and common sense as they treat as well as inform their patients and students. She feels strongly this makes more sense than creating stringent procedures, protocols, and/or restrictions which often interfere with and/or distract from the core purpose of meeting the urgent health and educational needs of our community.

“I believe in respect for ourselves, individually and collectively, respect for our elders and children, respect for our natural environments and all that Nature teaches us.”

As a potential representative in Parliament, Kathryn is highly motivated to represent the holistic provision of unbiased, quality services to the community, and will work to ensure that physical, mental, spiritual, and family needs are considered and respected. She will continue to fight for a safe and healthy environment, the inclusion of ‘alternative’ health practices, and the availability of healthy, organic food.

Kathryn is a natural, born leader and people’s advocate. “YOUR VOICE & YOUR CHOICE” – Fighting for NZ’s Civil Rights and Freedoms alongside Advance NZ/NZPP.

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