Maori Policy

There are nearly a dozen historical documents that have been involved in the agreements of Aotearoa and the creation of New Zealand, and they are still in power today.

However, it has been far easier to simply ignore them to history, only pulling them out when needing to make a statement, rather than confront the truth of their design. This purposeful avoidance of our beginnings has also been the core source of much of our recurring societal problems.

In particular, He Wakaputanga (1835) and Te Tiriti (1840) have been most notably absent in government and Maori discussions, as to do so one would have to acknowledge the truth which has been hidden for so long: ALL peoples of Aotearoa/New Zealand are sovereign.

Sovereignty was not limited to any one group, but through these documents, it was guaranteed for all.

It is our intention to return to sovereignty so that the healing of the nation, the land, and the peoples can begin.

For the Maori, in particular, the acknowledgment of the original agreements will have some long-sought-after benefits, some of which are listed here:

  • Admission that the Treaty of Waitangi (1840) translation is null and void and that sovereignty of Hapū was never ceded.

  • The restoration of Hapū localised governance with the reinstatement of Hapū Parliament.

  • Establishment of an independent business and economics agency for each Māori Roll electorate area.

  • An immediate moratorium on the conversion of Māori titled land to General title land.

  • Abolishment of Oranga Tamariki and replacement with Manaaki Māori Taumata to oversee a new agency with accountability and transparency that protects tamariki me te papa, me to mama.

  • Reinstated equality for Tohunga, Matakite and Rongoa being Hapū and Ngati Wikitoria therapies and medicine as part of Hapū Hauora with full funding.

  • Deliberate use of Tikanga and Hapū protocols and Muru restorative justice processes. Focus on rehabilitation, reconciliation and restoration

The return back to Sovereignty of the peoples will be a gradual process to ensure that solid foundations and consistent outcomes are achieved. The snapshot of the full policy gives an indication of the initial steps of our intent.