Megan Osborn

North Shore


Megan Osborn

Megan is married with two children and works part time as a physiotherapist. She was born in Christchurch and lived in both the South and North islands before travelling overseas at the age of 20 for 12 years. Megan came home to New Zealand to run a physiotherapy clinic in Mount Maunganui in 2004, and moved to Bayswater in 2011.

Megan's political focus is on three main areas of interest to her:

  • Healthcare - the current poor functioning of the health sector for many people, requiring a fresh approach and radical restructure including around medical freedom and vaccination.
  • Supporting small business and rebuilding our economy locally and nationally Infrastructure in the North Shore - increase in population density but no increase in transportation solutions!

Megan also supports positive change for our Primary Industries, Education, Safe Technology roll outs, and fully understanding the influence of the UN agreements (and others) on our country.