Mishaela Daken

Hutt South


Mischaela Daken

Mishaela was born and raised in Lower Hutt, and now lives on the Western Hills. She is a loving mother of two beautiful little girls alongside her hard-working, supportive partner. Since having children, they have taken on the responsibility of running a small business, caring for international students in their home and being actively involved in their community. Mishaela’s life is centred around ensuring her children have a nurturing, healthy and happy home life. She believes that every child in New Zealand deserves to have the best start in life, but that sadly is not the case.

“I believe that there is no time better than NOW to take the power back from those with self-serving interests and return it to THE PEOPLE - real people who speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable.”

Having studied health psychology, addiction and early childhood education, Mishaela has since been involved in family well-being at her local Playcentre, and has volunteered to support pregnant women.

Mishaela believes that many of the current health issues facing New Zealanders can be improved or resolved through the government prioritising the health of its people. Beginning with the right nutrition, a clean environment, and the education and support that people need to raise conscious, connected families.

Issues that Mishaela is passionate about include:

  • Unnecessary censoring of health advice from qualified, educated doctors who are presenting solutions to the health crisis we are currently facing.
  • Irrational fear which the government has instilled in the country without offering empowering ways for us to face these problems.
  • Protection of the Bill of Rights (1990).

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said “insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results”. And Mishaela says: "I am standing for Advance NZ because it is time for us to do things differently in politics.