Nathan Mitchell


Nathan Mitchell

Nathan is happily married with seven children. He enjoys the great bush and beaches Northland has to offer.

Nathan has hands-on experience and has a great eye for detail. He cares about the success and development of others. Having worked on various large projects that have benefited thousands of Kiwis, he is ready and equipped to fight for the rights and freedoms of Northlanders and all New Zealanders.

“I am making a stand to secure the Kiwi way of life for our children, fellow New Zealanders, and the future. I want to represent the voice of the people of Northland, to fight for the rights and freedoms of every New Zealander. That includes freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to conduct business, freedom to make a living, freedom of religion, freedom of oversight and the overreach of government.”

Nathan is passionate about:

  • Small to medium enterprises: The lifeblood and heartbeat of all who dream to create, make, build, design, or supply goods and services. Whatever their vision may be, we need to create an environment where it is possible and achievable.
  • Farming - the backbone of the nation which needs to be supported as such. When the farms are strong, profitable and thriving, the land and people of Aotearoa will do the same.
  • Housing - every man, woman and family should have the opportunity and possibility of buying and owning their own castle. Housing should be affordable, strong, durable, friendly to the environment and a blessing for all to enjoy.