New Beginnings, New Facebook Page

A short note from Jami-Lee on the future of Advance NZ: Watch Jami-Lee Live on our new Facebook page here. Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW us!
Earlier this week Billy Te Kahika informed Advance NZ candidates that he has decided not to continue with the party. Naturally this is sad for us all, given the huge effort we all put into the 2020 Election Campaign. Billy has inspired many people around New Zealand, and I will forever be grateful for the time working alongside him after he chose to join with Advance NZ for the election.
This is not the end of our party - we are all only beginning the work we need to do now, to plan, prepare, and work towards Election 2023.This Government needs to be held to account, and we must keep standing up for Kiwis rights and freedoms. Your rights and freedoms in your own country.
Advance NZ will be continuing, and will be restructuring into the next phase of our journey. The haste of the election campaign meant everything was done in a hurry. Our reconstituted party, with more time now, will be the democratic, transparent and professional party that members, supporters and candidates deserve.
In the coming months we will be completing the review that was started a few days ago. The plan for the future will see a special general meeting held early next year, and a reconstituted party, with a new nationwide structure, continue in preparation for 2023.
We will be in touch again soon. 
Best wishes,
Jami-Lee Ross
Advance NZ
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