Nigel Gray


Nigel Gray

A third generation New Zealander, Nigel was born and raised in Christchurch. He has worked as a humanitarian, counsellor, minister of religion, detoxification specialist and tradesman painter and decorator. From 1998 to 2001 he was instrumental in establishing a detoxification program throughout the largest continent in the world, Russia. He has many solutions to solve the methamphetamine problems currently devastating NZ communities. 

“I believe I have real answers to assist in moving our country in a positive direction”.

To protect the human rights of New Zealanders, Nigel believes Advance NZ represents the only real hope to create a democratic stable future for this country.

As a counsellor, Nigel has a sound knowledge in mental health and well-being, an area of concern to many New Zealanders at this time. As a small business owner he would like to see more incentives for small businesses as a real way to lift New Zealand economically and raise employment levels. He would also like to see New Zealanders become more self-sustaining - as a way to lift the whole standard of living in our country.