Rally For Freedom

The Co-Leaders of Advance NZ, Billy Te Kahika and Jami-Lee Ross called for a National Rally for Freedom in Auckland yesterday (Saturday 12 September). The peaceful rally took place at Aotea Square with a march on Queen Street in Central Auckland calling for an end to ongoing rolling lockdowns in dealing with Covid-19.

Appearing alongside the leaders was the mother (whose name remains suppressed) who was unjustifiably jailed under COVID-19 laws last month. She appeared at the rally in solidarity with those protesting.

The rally was a resounding success with thousands turning out to protest Labour and National’s failed lockdowns strategy. Speakers shared that new evidence is showing lockdowns don’t work and that COVID-19 is no where near as lethal as we were misled to believe.

Jami-Lee Ross said “New strategies show we can and must learn to live with the virus as a nation, just like we do with every other seasonal illness that comes our way. Lockdowns at any cost are not sustainable." He asked fellow New Zealanders whether they were prepared to endure years of this strategy, or did they want to rally together to say we have had enough: “Freedom, liberty, and human rights are not luxuries that we give away to Government whenever we are told to."