Ricky Cribb



Ricky Cribb

Ricky is of English and Takitimu/Tainui descent He was born and raised in Feilding, and is an Apostle of the Ratana Faith. He has a Masters Degree in Maori Visual Arts culminating in a two hour film thesis: “New Zealand Colonial and Maori History of Wairua”, and is a writer/director for acclaimed French audiovisual production company SATORI.

“I believe education needs a complete shift in the aims of its implementation and the utilisation of the unique attributes of the individual. It is imperative for our nation to understand the true history of Aotearoa New Zealand and for students to understand their collective relationships through an education that will prepare and awaken people to understand, on all levels, the world they live in.”

Having lost a son to the inadequacies of the current broken health system, and with nine years in psychiatric development, Ricky has over 30 years personal experience with the ‘ambulance-at-the-bottom-of-the-cliff’ approach and ‘chemical handcuffs’ that have destroyed the lives of people within their institutionalisation.

He believes that amendments to the Mental Health Act (The Compulsory Treatment Order) are imperative. He sees pharmaceutical interventions as a short term fix for clients but not a long term solution. The system is severely underfunded and needs an overhaul: Patients need psychological, physiological and nutritional health practitioners who work within a holistic health framework.