Rose Greally

Wellington Central

Rose was born and raised in Petone, the youngest of ten children, and is a proud mum. She has spent time living in the South Island, and currently lives in Petone and works in Wellington in construction specification.

“Governments need to be held accountable for delivering on policies and need to be completely transparent to those whom they serve - the people”

Rose feels deeply about housing affordability in NZ. It concerns her that a large number of low to middle income earners are still unable to afford a basic home. She supports well-built, ecological housing that enriches the lives of the population, that are affordable to buy and can be passed on through the generations.

Concerned about the latest Covid-19 restrictions, which are dividing the nation, Rose believes a more balanced approach can be achieved. She has a strong belief in human rights and freedom and wants New Zealanders to have the ability to decide what happens in their nation and is willing to be the conduit for these discussions.

Rose is passionate about the arts, architecture and freedom of expression for all. She promotes sustainable agriculture with community and government assistance, and input that enhances the environment and gives people real jobs and rebuilds communities.