Tiamara Williams

Electorate: Banks Peninsula


Tiamara Williams

“Now is the time for us to make a stand as one people, one family and take our nation back”

Tiamara Williams grew up in Titahi Bay and Wellington city and was raised by her Anglican priest father and teacher mother. Her first destination after leaving home was Banks Peninsula where she worked for the Lands and Survey department caring for the reserves of the area.

After a stint in Australia and training as a screenwriter, Tiamara returned to New Zealand as a young mother. For many years she was a businesswoman in the natural health industry in Christchurch and then returned to media with a Canterbury TV Talk Show.

With children grown Tiamara set out to add her one small drop to the ocean of making a positive difference in the world. She created the delivered Inspiring Lives Global, a project that spanned a number of years where Tiamara travelled the developing world creating projects of community transformation, from working with Chinese teens teaching environmental education, to renovating a tribal village in India, working with prisoners in South Africa and refugees in Jordan.

“I would identify a key issue, formulate a plan, bring a team together, raise the money and implement the project. The Indian village project for instance has been replicated nearly twenty times now using the model I developed and implemented with them.”

Tiamara developed a Youth development programme aimed at combatting crime and violence, that she delivered to school children in South Africa for two years.  She spent several years between New Zealand and Spain and observed the implementation of globalism and agenda 21 in Europe.  The last few years Tiamara has been co-developer of a healthcare startup that delivers advanced diagnostics and science-based natural telemedicine.

She is now set to bring her track record for getting things done and causing positive change to serve New Zealand and New Zealanders.

“I love this country and I love her people, I am here to serve.”

As a candidate, Tíamara’s passions involve:

  • Health on every level - starting with our youth, teaching them critical thinking and analytical skills to promote and reflect individual needs as they age.
  • Elderly physical and mental health.
  • Protection of our natural world, encompassing farmers’ rights as guardians of the land.
  • Preservation of sovereignty over our land, water, air and food production.
  • Freedom and personal sovereignty for all.
  • For New Zealand to maintain diplomatic and economic influence within the global market.