Tony Brljevich


Tony Brljevich

Tony grew up in Auckland and attended St Peters College in Epsom. He has been married to Wanda for 27 years and they have two adult sons and one grandchild. Having moved to Coromandel 25 years ago, he served three terms as a District Councillor and one term as a Deputy Mayor. He was an RMA Commissioner and Chairperson for eight years. Tony’s engineering background has trained him to think analytically and laterally to find solutions.

“The New Zealand Government has been infiltrated by those whose agenda does not align with the average kiwi. This needs to change to a system where the people regain and keep control.”

Tony is a strong believer in true democracy. He has a passion to see the people of New Zealand liberated from a Government that rules rather than serves. He says “the whole system has been turned upside down; the NZ Government behaves as if they are elected to rule, and they are ignoring the wishes of the people. This needs to change, in fact we have a duty to change it!”

Tony’s strengths are:

  • Justice and health - he does not like to see people suffering.
  • Holding high moral values and will not buckle when under pressure to conform to ideals which he believes are wrong
  • Construction and infrastructure, and seeking common sense solutions to the problems they bring.

Tony believes New Zealand is being hamstrung with bureaucracy and regulation. “We need to reset how the government operates to create a stronger business environment, by cutting the red tape. Government needs to be reined in, simplified and work in the best interest of the people it represents”.